Quality Assurance Program

cleaning service quality control seal
Cleaning Specialists Quality Assurance Program has been a key element in helping us maintain our business and expand the services we provide for our clients. Our client base has steadily increased through the years due to outstanding customer service and high quality standards.

The foundation of our success is built upon holding ourselves accountable to consistently follow our Quality Assurance Program.

Our Quality Assurance Program utilizes several layers of quality checks. Our employees are screened prior to hiring and are required to go through our 3-Phase Training Program conducted by our experienced management team.

Our supervisors are pro-active hands on team leaders, who are directly involved with each cleaning program. Our quality control inspections are conducted at multiple levels beginning with the cleaning staff that is required to inspect their own work after the job is completed.

Our Quality Assurance Program is customized to fit each client’s specific needs. Cleaning Specialists will develop a comprehensive program of inspections and monitoring to meet the needs of each client.

Examples of Applicable Quality Controls:

  • On-Site Communication Log Book
  • Daily Inspections by CSMI Supervisor
  • Weekly Inspections by CSMI Area Manager
  • Random Unscheduled Inspections by CSMI Operations Manager
  • Monthly Quality Assurance Inspections

Our Quality Assurance Program has helped us pinpoint any issues we may have with the quality of our cleaning, issues with our employees, or any communication issues we may have within our organization or with our customers. We have found that communication, training and supervision are the key elements in our Quality Assurance Program.

Cleaning Specialists Quality Assurance Program ensures the high quality of cleaning services we provide which not only meets the expected cleaning standards, but also exceeds those standards.

Employee Training

Specific task trained and supervised personnel provide quality cleaning unique to every environment. Cleaning personnel are performance, product, and safety trained on an ongoing basis. Their knowledge is tested and their work is closely supervised.

Cleaning Specialists has a 3 phase training program, where all new hire employees are thoroughly trained in employee conduct, safety and cleaning procedures.

Phase 1

Classroom training covering the following items:

  1. Safety – MSD sheets, Blood borne pathogens, job safety according to OSHA standards, proper lifting, etc.
  2. Cleaning Procedures – Hands on training demonstrations on how to perform cleaning duties of restroom, offices, break areas, etc.
  3. Specialized Cleaning Procedures – Lab clean room areas, medical exam rooms, etc.
  4. Cleaning Chemicals – Use and dilution ratios.
  5. Equipment – Use and maintenance
  6. Employee Conduct – Training on cleaning specialists values and visions: Caring, Leading and Responding.

Phase 2

On Site Training:

  1. Review of jobsheet covering customer’s particular requests and expectations.
  2. Hands on cleaning following jobsheet and procedures specific to the account.

Phase 3

Follow Up Training:

  1. CSMI Supervisor inspects job site with cleaning staff to assure cleaning and safety procedures are being followed correctly.
  2. Regular and detailed inspections guarantee quality cleaning to meet every specification.