What Our Customers Are Saying

Cindy Toybas
Cleaning Specialists
Dear Cindy:

In July, you and your crew cleaned up the flooded and deeply muddy floors in our house that resulted from a localized, but massive, flash flood. We want you to know how pleased we are with the way you and your crew went about this large and difficult task, and with excellent, lasting results.

You and the crew were punctual, diligent, and very knowledgeable in your approach to removing the water and mud, and restoring our tile floors and grout to their best possible condition (better than before the storm!) We also appreciated your close attention to detail, discussions with us about how to undertake this job, and your personal, close supervision of your crew.

We highly recommend your janitorial service in Albuquerque, and would be happy to be a reference to any of your prospective clients.


Steve & Denise Maanen

Thank you for the excellent work you and your crew did on resurfacing our badly damaged floors in the Bardacke Attorney General Complex. The beauty of the stone is once again visible and we are very pleased. I know that the process presented many challenges, some expected, some not. The result is amazing for those of us who saw the before-and-after condition of our public reception area.

Thank you for your commitment and fortitude in taking on this project.

Diana J.
Special Projects Coordinator
Office of the Attorney General

limestone tile before resurfacing & restoration

limestone tile before resurfacing & restoration

limestone tile after resurfacing & restoration

limestone tile after resurfacing & restoration

Ms. Tobyas,

In becoming a new client the last month in a half I feel it’s fair to compliment your services.  You’ve listened to Xpress Global Systems needs and you have gone above and beyond XGSI expectations.  I will network Cleaning Specialists Maintenance, Inc. Also, many thanks to you as well Leslie, we look forward to seeing you every week.

Many thanks for such an excellent job!!!

Rita Baca Griego | Xpress Global Systems, Inc.Subsidiary of U.S.
Xpress Enterprises, Inc.