The Best Methods For Laminate and Wood Floor Cleaning

The floor is often the most forgotten part of an office.  Perhaps it’s a mix of carpet and ceramic, both of which can also hold their own with a little bit of dust and dirt.  

Or perhaps it’s a lovely wood floor that has existed for decades in impeccable shape.  Knowing how to treat this kind of flooring is integral to its durability and appearance because applying the wrong cleaning supply will not only rob the wood of a natural shimmer, it will also contribute to its gradual decay.  

Then there is laminate flooring, which might appear to be wood but is, in fact, a form of plastic.  

Any and all types of flooring will be conducive to dust build up.  This is especially true in office environments with air flow issues, as dust and dirt take hold in places where dead air resides.  

Floors Are Often Overlooked

It’s not a surprise that floors are often overlooked.  After all, they are probably the last thing employees are worried about as they go about their day.  The kitchen and bathrooms need to be spotless because they are what everyone sees all the time.  The floor, on the other hand, is an area that some cleaning companies fall short in.  

There are a few best methods for cleaning two of the most common types of commercial floor: laminate and hardwood.  Here is a concise list of these methods which are consistently effective.

Best Methods For Cleaning Floors

Laminate Flooring - Laminate is designed to combat most kinds of damage and dust buildup.  That is why they are a popular choice for commercial floors.  However, the issue with laminate flooring is moisture infiltration.  Once water gets into the infrastructure of the panels it will begin the erosion process.  

Janitors should never clean a laminate floor with a wet mop.  The first step in cleaning a laminate floor is to take a relatively moist mop and do a quick rinse of the floor.  Then, pass over it with a vacuum on tile mode, or something similar that ensures a dry clean.  

Hardwood - Hardwood takes a bit of getting used to.  Usually, the floor will be covered in either a polyurethane or wax finish.  If it’s a polyurethane, you can expect the floor to be fully sealed along the ridges of the wood.  

The best way to clean hardwood is with ¼ bucket of ph-neutral soap and hot water.  A second round with a moist mop will help to catch any residual moisture, and that should just about do it.   

Any janitor that applies acidic cleaning products to a natural wood floor is not doing their job properly.  The acidic ingredients will eat away the finish and start to erode the wood itself.  It’s a recipe for long-term damage.  

best cleaning methods

Go Natural Where Possible

A professional janitor knows that natural flooring product is always the best bet for laminate and hardwood flooring.  

If there is a surprising amount of buildup or dirt, then a chemical product is certainly needed.  But for the most part, given the rather serene environment of most commercial office spaces, a dry vacuum for laminate flooring and soapy wet mop for hardwood flooring will do the trick.  


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